Amendment 64 is back on the ballot

Amendment 64 is back on the ballot

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Colorado voters approved Amendment 64 in November, legalizing sales and possession of marijuana.  The vote means citizens urge the retail regulation of marijuana sales similar to alcohol. The law also sides with our government, allowing local government to option to opt out of retail sales. 

Tomorrow, the Colorado Springs City Council will exercise that right at City Council and vote on Amendment 64 Tuesday. 

"We have two ordinances coming before us tomorrow," said Julie Gaeble, City Council member for District 5.  "One will be strictly to opt out of retail sales here within the city, which would mean nobody living in Colorado Springs or coming into Colorado Springs could purchase marijuana or marijuana products within the city of springs."

If that ordinance to opt out of retail sales for marijuana fails, Gaeble tells KRDO reporter Paula Vargas, council members will vote on a second ordinance "which will be to regulate marijuana sales within the city."

 A decision to regulate the sale of recreational marijuana could mean money for the city, according to Gaeble. 

 "We could decide to have a moratorium which would be a period of time where we figure out how to best regulate marijuana sells within the city," said Gaeble.  A 15 percent sales tax could be placed on consumers of recreational marijuana. Monies from the 15 percent tax would be returned to city and used to regulate the use and production of marijuana.  

Don McKay, co-owner of Southern Colorado Medical Marijuana would like to see the sale of recreational marijuana in Colorado Springs.

 "The state has already put forth citizen driven initiate to legalize marijuana, which did pass in the state and it did pass in Colorado Springs," said McKay.  

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