Anti-aging treaments

Modern day "Fountain of Youth"?

Anti-aging treatment

Denver - - Maintaining a youthful appearance is a multi billion dollar industry. It's been a quest since the sixteenth century when Spanish explorer Ponce de Leon searched for the Fountain of Youth.

We looked into two different methods of potentially erasing years off of your face.
One dates back to ancient times.  It is a form of acupuncture called "Mei Zen".  It targets the entire body first, then focuses on stimulating points in the face with small gauge needles.

The other is extremely popular right now. Botox temporarily paralyzes muscles in the face that can contribute to wrinkles and an older, or angry appearance.  It is the number one cosmetic procedure in the united states right now.
More than 11 million injections were done last year.

Dermal fillers are often referred to as "liquid facelifts".  Many use hyaluronic acid, a natural substance found in the body, to plump up lines and wrinkles.
The results aren't permanent and the treatments must be repeated.

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