Bear attack in Florida raises questions

Bear attack in Florida raises questions

Colorado Springs, COLO - Sabrina Hurwitz has one of the most exciting jobs in Southern Colorado, she is an officer for the Colorado Department of Wildlife.

That's given her a lot of experience with bears.

"We've dealt with so many that it's hard to think of one instance," she said.

You might expect that from a wildlife officer, but it didn't take us long to find two people who have also seen bears.

Colleen Kibble-Vest said, "we have a bear that's a regular in ouir back alley."

Allen Herzberg said, "the closest I saw in Colorado Springs was on a trail on Gold Camp Road."

Kibbie-Vest had a brush with the same bear that would become an Internet sensation at the Edelweiss restaurant a few blocks away.

"The bear was doing take out when he rolled the dumpster away," she said.

While Herzberg and his dog had their encounter on one of the trails.

"I was a little scared when I realized that I had to go around him to get back down the trail," he said.

Hurwitz said that bears are not usually aggressive unless: "the bears feel a little threatened, and you may think that have food or things like that."

Her advice is to not do things that would accidentally lure them, like leaving out your garbage.

"We do have laws in place that say that you have to have your trash locked up except on the day of trash pickup," said Hurwitz.

That way bears and humans can live in peace.

Hurwitz said that if you do encounter a bear, you should make yourself as large as possible, pick up any small children or dogs and back away.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife has a two-strike policy when it comes to bears, meaning that bears can be removed or killed if they get into trash or bird feeders more than once.

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