Canon City School: Moving on after international attention

School district 'no comment' on revising student record

CANON CITY, Colorado. - A school district wants to step out of the spotlight and get back to normal after receiving international attention.

We first brought you the story of Hunter Yelton, the six year old boy who was suspended and accused of sexual harassment after kissing a girl on the hand and cheek.  

Hunter is back at school. But questions remain about the decision to use those words in the same sentence with a six year old.

"He leaned over and kissed a little girl on the cheek," said Hunters mom, Jennifer Saunders.  

They were actions that lead to suspension, and eventually it sparked a huge conversation. One that spread across the country and even overseas.

"Remove sexual harassment, remove it from his record," said Saunders.

District RE-1 did just that. It dropped ‘sexual harassment' from hunters record, replacing it with 'misconduct'.

"He has no idea what that is, that's not what this is he lives in a happy home," said Saunders.

But the district wouldn't discuss the change of heart on camera with us on Thursday.

School officials did tell us the school is trying to move on and wants to focus on education.

School employees also told us that the phone has been ringing much more than usual. People from all over the country have been calling to share their opinion.

We have tried talking to the parents of the girl hunter kissed. Her mother tells us that she doesn't want to do an interview, and that she supports the district's decision.

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