City, county to consider setting marijuana standards for employees

City, county to consider setting pot standards for employees

PUEBLO, Colo. - City and county employees in Pueblo are not allowed to smoke marijuana but that could soon change.

Pueblo County commissioners are considering changing the rules about consuming recreational marijuana while off the job. The rule wouldn't apply to everyone.

"We don't want to punish a county employee who doesn't work with heavy equipment and who might casually on the weekend smoke legal adult recreational marijuana," said Pueblo County Commissioner Sal Pace.

Pace said those who work with heavy equipment, for instance, or have a job that receives federal funding would not be allowed to consume marijuana while off the job.

"I think that times are changing and times are evolving so I think that it just makes sense for the county to evolve the policies with the evolution of state law," said Josette Jaramillo, union president for Pueblo County employees.

As for the city of Pueblo's roughly 700 employees, Council President Steve Nawrocki said he doesn't want to decide which employees can and cannot smoke.

"Right off the top of my head picking and choosing doesn't seem very fair, doesn't seem very appropriate. I think we need to have a more uniform policy," he said.

Nawrocki said city council hasn't discussed the issue but added that the city needs to be proactive in looking at its drug policy.

If the city and county change their drug policies, both say they're considering adopting the state's THC blood standard to determine if someone is high on the job.

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