City for Champions gets new design ideas

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo - The City for Champions has its supporters and opponents.  New ideas on how to build the project were presented to two supporters of the project today.

The visions of half a dozen designers were shown today.  The students in Julie Beitzel's third-grade class at Stratton Elementary did the designs as part of a project.

Visitors to the class who came to see the designs were impressed with what they saw.

"I thought it was wonderful to see the level of interest in children that are nine years old," said Laura Neumann, a supporter of the project.

One of the main concerns for the young designers was the environmental footprint of their designs.

"We are supposed to find materials that will be useful for the environment, so we chose adobe," said Blake Smith.

Other designs included PowerPoint presentations, a commercial and even brochures.  The level of sophistication among the third-graders impressed the visitors.

"We each took a couple of copies of the brochures," said Neumann.

While the future of the City for Champions is still up in the air, the future of these students is not according to one of the two people who visited the class.

"Maybe these kids down the road could be the future Colorado Springs citizens who work on the project," said Harris Kalafonous of USA Wrestling.

If these presentations are any indication, these students have a bright future no matter what field that they choose.

If you would like to ask questions about the City for Champions project, you can attend a meeting on Tuesday, May 20 from 4 until 6 pm at the Regional Development Center on International Circle in Colorado Springs.

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