Colorado Springs crew finds missing man

Colorado springs Crew Rescues Man

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A man stranded in his car for two nights in harsh conditions is recovering in Cheyenne County on Wednesday.

Clark Nelson, age 66, was rescued Tuesday afternoon.

Nelson's Chevy Tahoe got stuck in a field in eastern Colorado on Sunday night and his battery eventually died.

He is safe and alive thanks to a Colorado Springs Civil Air Patrol Crew.

The team leader and three teenage cadets found the man just in time.

"To me it's a great sense of relief. We found him. That's why I volunteer to do this, to have a successful outcome like this. Even if it's just for one family," said Mike McNeely, squadron commander and ground team leader

Mike McNeely has volunteered for the civil air patrol crew 18 years.

"I had three qualified cap cadets with me, 16 and 17-year-olds. I only take my older cadets on actual missions. I know they're trained and they'll do a good job," said McNeely.

It was their first mission where the subject was found alive.

"The individual was in the back seat. He had probably three blankets on, gloves, a hat. He was saying 'Oh, thank you guys, I was stuck I couldn't get out didn't know what to do.' It was great I mean he was there. He knew to stay with the vehicle," said McNeely.

It's an action that, he said, is crucial.

"You stay with the vehicle, we're going to find the vehicle. And we hope the occupant is still there. If you start walking, the chances of you getting there are not very good, so we always say stay with the vehicle. This is someone's family member that's in distress. You want to find them. That's why we train so hard." said McNeely.

McNeely also said it's incredibly important to have an emergency bag in your car, with water, snacks, blankets and batteries.

Nelson was well prepared with his blankets and layers of clothes.

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