Colorado Springs Together closes its center

Colorado Springs Together closes its doors

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Colorado Springs Together, the citizen-led nonprofit organization created soon after the 2012 Waldo Canyon Fire to assist homeowners who lost their homes, is closing the Mountain Shadows office tomorrow.

"Colorado Springs Together's leadership made the decision to close the center based on declining use, which reflects the continued fast pace of rebuilding," said Bob Cutter, president and founder of Colorado Springs Together, in a press release Wednesday.

With the guidance of the center, 60 percent of the 347 homes lost to the fire are in the process of being rebuilt or have already been built.

"In the beginning, they were a place of refuge," said Myrna Candreia, a homeowner who lost her home to the Waldo Canyon Fire. "As the healing went on, they (Colorado Springs Together) were a place of resource to help us come back together to build our home and our lives."

Candreia, who moved into her rebuilt home, stopped by to thank and say goodbye to one of the staff members.

"Anything that we needed answers for, they were there to help us get those answers," said Candreia.

While the doors of the organization are closing, Cutter tells KRDO reporter, Paula Vargas, the website will remain up for those victims of the Black Forest Fire.

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