Concerned parents drive to Colorado Springs for Pueblo School District 60 meeting

Pueblo School District 60 board members are on a road trip to Colorado Springs

Pueblo School District 60 Meets in Colorado Springs

COLORADO SPRINGS, Co. - Pueblo School District 60 board members are on a road trip to Colorado Springs.

They drove up I-25 for a special meeting to make decisions about the district's future.

Concerned parents also drove to the Springs for that meeting. They waited outside, hoping to get answers about a possible change in school policy.

This comes after KRDO Newschannel 13 revealed a South High School teacher admitted to kissing and sexting a student.

One parent has plenty to say. He wants to remain anonymous because he has two teens who attend south high. 

"There's a lot of questions but one question is, why isn't this being released to the public? Why isn't Mrs. Oringdulph in jail instead of sitting at home?" asks one concerned parent outside of the D-60 meeting.

"I'm not prepared to speak to this today. Our policies are currently under review. All of them are under review," said Scott Jones, the spokesperson for District 60.

The Pueblo School District meeting took place in Colorado Springs.

"There's plenty of space for them to hold any kind of meeting over there in our hometown so the public can be aware. For us to come to Colorado Springs just to be turned away - it's annoying," says the parent.

District officials had no further comment or updates on any policy change after last year's sexting scandal.

"Dr. Lopez tendered her retirement notice. The board wanted to take this opportunity to discuss process in regards to a superintendant search," said Jones.

"She basically told us she was going to stand and fight for our kids. Then the following day she decides to retire. So it's basically, let's pass the buck one more time. It's frustrating. I asked if we could actually sit in on the meeting to see what it would entail and they basically said it was a closed meeting, which I don't understand because it's a public school," says the concerned parent.

He adds, "It's kind of heartbreaking because these are our kids and we are the parents that actually pay their wages. We've been shut out of public meetings, they handed us a script just as they hand you."

But the school district spokesperson says that's not true.

"No one was turned away, it's an open meeting," explains Jones.

We sat in on the open meeting and asked how it's paid for.

"Does it come from the school board budget?" asked Reporter Bonnie Silkman.

"I don't know which budget it comes from," said Jones.

"So you don't know where the money comes from?" asked Silkman.

"No," replied Jones.

"Just to let you all know, this is how your tax money is being spent," said the concerned parent.

Parents we spoke with also told us they're frustrated that several Pueblo schools are among the state's lowest performing.

Those schools are doing worse today than before getting more than $60 million in federal grants.

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