Deadline nears to run in recall election

Deadline nears to run in recall election

PUEBLO, Colo. - The clock is ticking for a Pueblo Democrat who wants her name on the recall ballot. Sonia Negrete-Winn has until Monday to turn in 1,000 signatures to run in the recall election.

Negrete-Winn could wind up unseating Pueblo state Sen. Angela Giron, but she said that's not her intention.

"If [Giron] doesn't make the count, I really think it's important that we have a Democrat on that ballot," Negrete-Winn said.

If the majority of people vote to recall Giron, Negrete-Winn wants to give voters a Democratic alternative to Republican George Rivera, who turned in his petition forms last Friday.

"What concerns me is that from what I read and hear, her only platform is that she wants to run just to make sure that a Republican does not get elected and that doesn't bode well for this district," Rivera said. "I think that's what got us into the problem that we're in now."

It's a recall election triggered by a group of voters, upset that Giron voted in favor of stricter gun laws. But the possible Democratic challenger said she doesn't know how she would have voted on those bills.

"I didn't hear what her constituents said to her or wanted from her and I didn't get a chance to see the facts, the figures so I can't say," Negrete-Winn said.

Rivera said, "If somebody hasn't made up their mind or have a position on these issues by now, I would be very, very concerned as a voter."

Voters will decide on Sept. 10.

Rivera's petition forms are expected to be certified this week.

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