Employee says Colo. Springs Utilities is being unethical

Employee Accuses Colo Springs Utilities of Being Unethical

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A Colorado Springs Utilities employee said Utilities leadership is being unethical by trying to hide information from rate payers, city leadership, and  media. The employee's name has not been revealed.

Officials with Springs Utilities said they do not know who the employee is, but said the information is false.

"This is a classic case of somebody that might have one or two percent of the facts and they are guessing at the other 98 percent," said Colorado Springs Utilities Chair Scott Hente.

Colorado Springs Mayor Steve Bach spoke to KRDO NewsRadio Wednesday morning, and said he had heard rumors that Utilities was taking measures to discredit him even before these allegations were revealed.

"It is very disturbing. I hope the allegations are false. I expect the City Council to look into that, and that we will learn more, here, soon," said Mayor Bach during a live phone interview.

Representatives with Springs Utilities said they are working to ensure that ratepayers are getting correct information, and that the utility has used out side firms and employees internally to achieve its goal.

Before these allegations came to light, Springs Utilities went head to head with Mayor Bach after he said the entity needed to be more transparent.

The Colorado Springs City Council doubles as the Utilities Board. Council woman Angela Dougan is one of the council members that has said the utility needs to be more transparent.

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