Family remembers those killed in Rye

Family remembers those killed in Rye

PUEBLO, Colo. - Mark Roderick vividly remembers calling his wife when he learned the home she was in had caught fire.

"That day she didn't pick up the phone." Mark then called his father-in-law, Reggie Tuttle. "I called Reggie because he'd pick up the phone. He didn't pick up the phone."

Dawn Roderick had three children and a stepchild. "I can't believe she's gone," said Dawn's 14-year-old daughter Valerie McClure.

Dawn was married to Mark for nearly 15 years. They went out only a handful of times before Mark asked Dawn to marry him.

"She wasn't my best friend, she was my life," Mark said. "She was always there to make sure that everything was done right."

Mark said family meant everything to Dawn and her parents. His father-in-law, Reggie, was his hunting buddy and business partner. When Mark had to shut down his trucking company, it was Reggie who put Mark back on his feet. "Reggie was that type of guy. A lot of people don't know it. You had to get to know Reggie," he said.

Kim was the matriarch of the family- famous for her cooking.

"I loved cooking with Grandma Kim. She taught me how to cook most of the stuff," McClure said.
Mark said, "You didn't have to ask [Kim] to do something for you. If she was capable, she'd do it."

Little remains of the Tuttle's home. Mark went back inside for the first time Wednesday. Among the charred books and rubble, he said he found a miracle.

"It was picture of a stain glass of an angel with the wings spread. Both of them Dawn made me," Mark said. "Not even a foot away from where stuff was melted, those two pieces of stain glass were still intact."

The family is picking up the pieces that are left but there's not much. Dawn's daughter is asking for help.

"My dad recently lost his job," McClure said. "He was working for my Grandpa Reggie. And he doesn't have a job right now and he's trying to do his best to support us and everyone else in the house."

Two memorial funds have been set up at Minnequa Works Credit Union. One account is under Tuttle Kim and Reggie Memorial Account and the other is Roderick Dawn Memorial Account. The credit union is part of a co-op so people nationwide can donate.

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