Family upset roadside memorial will be taken down

Family upset roadside memorial will be taken down

PUEBLO, Colo. - The Sisneros family says requiring grieving families to remove roadside memorials after 45 days is setting a time limit on grief.

Pueblo City Council voted unanimously Monday to have memorials taken down after 45 days. 

Memorials adorn countless intersections in Pueblo. One of them sits on East Fourth Street and LaCrosse. Jose Sisneros, 56, was struck and killed by a vehicle there April 19, 2013. 

"I come here almost every day whether I need to come this way or not," said Corrine Martinez, Sisneros' sister.

Martinez said her brother's memorial is all she has left of him. The family arranged it right after Sisneros was killed. Now the city wants it taken down.  

"I don't think that's right because that's like trying to give me a time limit of how long I can mourn for my brother," Martinez said.

Sgt. Eric Gonzales said there's no vehicle or suspect description for Sisneros' hit-and-run investigation. 

Sisneros' family said his memorial could be the key to finding the person responsible. "Hopefully that driver will have a conscience and it will hit him every day if he passes by here like we do and he sees it," Martinez said. "It's gotta pull some heart, tug on them heart strings at least."

Pueblo City Council is exploring other ways for the family to pay tribute, including a public memorial. But the Sisneros family wants no part in it.

"It's not the same. He didn't die over there. He died here," Martinez said. 

City Council member Steve Nawrocki said one of the reasons for limiting the time of the memorials is so the city can maintain the area around it. Martinez said her brother's memorial isn't bothering anyone. 

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