Fireworks could be hot seller this Labor Day weekend

Fireworks stands popping up for Labor Day

PUEBLO, Colo. - Chile peppers are usually hot sellers at roadside stands around Pueblo at this time of year. They'll get some competition this Labor Day weekend.

George Marrone said he plans to set up three fireworks stands in the Pueblo area and one in Canon City.

Fountain fireworks, sparklers and  novelties could be sold as early as Thursday evening. (8/29/13)

One stand will be on Northern Avenue by the ASK Insurance - Progressive Insurance offices at the edge of Pueblo. The second stand will be in the 1300 block of on Santa Fe Drive, near Romero's café. The third Pueblo area location will be on N. McCulloch Boulevard near the Carl's Jr. in Pueblo West.

In Canon City, the fireworks stand will be set up on Fremont Drive, near the Hastings Entertainment.

"I'm real excited about it," said Marrone. "It's the first time we've ever sold fireworks on Labor Day."

Marrone believes fireworks will be in high demand with fire restrictions consistently snuffing out the fun during the Independence Day holiday over the past few years.

"For the last three years we've been restricted by the high, dry conditions we've faced and we haven't been able to sell," said Marrone.

In July, fire restrictions were eased across southern Colorado including Pueblo County.

"With all the rains we've received in the last six to eight weeks, we're going to try and let the people have their fireworks with Labor Day," said Marrone.

Fireworks are still banned in the city of Pueblo but not the county or Pueblo West.

Morrone said he also applied for a permit to sell fireworks in El Paso County but was denied.

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