Gas prices are still causing pain

Gas prices are still causing pain

Colorado Springs, COLO - The price for a barrel of oil is dropping, raising hopes that our price at the pump will also go down, just in time for the Thanksgiving travel.

It's already cheaper to fill up now than it was a month ago, by about 15 cents.

When you cmombine that with news that north Interstate 25 construction at Academy is almost done, it seems like good times for area drivers.

But a few we talked to say that prices are still a pain in their wallets.

Jessie Schultz said, "I'm going to travel regardless.  I'm going to go where I want to go.  Gas is a factor."

Jay Hanson runs a contracting business and has to drive for his work.  He said, "it cuts into the profit if you want to remain competitive."

The average price for a gallon of gas in Colorado Springs is $3.08.  In Pueblo, gas average $3.11.

But experts say that gas prices will rise over the next few weeks.

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