Giron supporter wants to get on recall election ballot

Giron supporter wants to get on ballot

PUEBLO, Colo. - Sonia Negrette-Winn wants her name on the recall election ballot, even though she supports state Sen. Angela Giron.

Negrette-Winn is working to get enough signatures to get her name on the ballot for the recall election on Sept. 10. Negrette-Winn wants to make sure a Democrat retains that seat. She's not going to split the Democratic Party by doing that.

When people cast their vote, the first question they'll be asked is if they support the recall. If the majority vote "yes" then they'll vote for one of the replacement candidates. Republican candidate George Rivera will turn his signatures in Friday morning. Negrette-Winn said she wants to be that other option, and has until Monday to collect 1,000 signatures. She said she already has about 350.  

Giron said she expects to win the recall and doesn't think there will be a need to count votes for other candidates.

"The emails and everything that I got, I knew that my votes were representing Pueblo so I feel really comfortable and I'm glad we have an election, something to work toward, and then we can put this to rest and I can go back to work and continue to fight for Pueblo," Giron said.

Meanwhile, Rivera said he has enough support from Republicans and Democrats to win the recall election.

"During the last couple of weeks, when I've been out with my volunteers gathering signatures for the petitions, we had quite a few Democrats and Republicans and unaffiliated people who came up and wanted to sign my petition," Rivera said.

Giron is one of two state senators facing a recall election for voting in favor of stricter gun laws. John Morse is the other.

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