Haze covers Southern Colorado

Haze Covers Southern Colorado

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Alarm and panic reached many in Southern Colorado on Monday after waking up to haze and a heavy smell of smoke.

Although it's what's left over from wildfires, those fires are not in Colorado.

Calls came in about the conditions all the way from Monument to the Southern Colorado border.

The pollution is from several wildfires burning in Arizona and New Mexico. From those states the wind is blowing southwest, bringing in a mixture of smoke and haze. But many didn't know that Monday morning.

Early Monday morning the radio chirped, "We have a heavy smell of smoke all the way up from black forest road. Are there any new starts on wildfires in the area?" asked a firefighter in Black Forest.

It's a chilling sound,  just after the one year mark since the most destructive wildfire in Colorado history

"Last week was our one year anniversary of the Black Forest. So it's like, is it close? Is there going to be another one? The smell is just, it seems like there should be a fire here. Like there was last year and the year before," said Tina Roman.

For many, life Tina, the smells and the sight triggered panic and painful memories.

"Especially the areas that were impacted by the fire, it's like oh no, here we go again. Something is on fire somewhere," said Brent Lubbermann.

Fire crews were on high alert Monday morning. Looking, checking and making sure everyone was safe.

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