Heavy storm leaves Pueblo drivers stranded

Heavy storm leaves Pueblo drivers stranded

PUEBLO, Colo. - Pueblo is drying out after being dumped on by heavy rain. The storm flooded roads and forced a stretch of I-25 to close down for a short time.

"It came down quick and people didn't expect it," said Crystal Apo.

The storm dumped about 2 feet of rain at the amphitheater at Pueblo Community College; 30 minutes of rain took two hours to clean up.

"The street systems couldn't handle it and it was just backing up cause it had no place to go," said Jon Brude, chief business officer at the college.

Central and Abriendo Avenue was one of the areas hit hardest by the flood. Neighbors said the water actually got up to their waist.

Apo spent hours helping stranded drivers move past flood waters. "Three kids and an older lady and they were in a van and didn't know what to do so we all came out and started pushing them," she said.

Police were also busy helping drivers. They responded to 17 flood-related accidents. None with major injuries. A Pueblo girl says watching hurried drivers in the storm taught her a lesson.

"To teach people to slow down when they're speeding so they don't kill either themselves or hurt someone else," said Kaitlin Apo.

Of the 17 accidents police responded to, they said three people suffered minor injuries. Police say the bottom line is that many drivers just failed to slow down.

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