High Fire Danger in Southern Colorado

High fire danger in Southern Colorado

Colorado Springs, COLO - The fire danger is high around Southern Colorado and it's only going to get worse as spring turns into summer.

A quick look around outside tells the story - the grass and trees are dry.

The wind that has howled around the area hasn't helped matters.  While we think of the wind as an inconvenience, firefighters think of it as something much worse.

Fire is something that we are all too familiar with in Southern Colorado and whether it's a small fire or a massive blaze, both have something in common.

"Nearly all large, epic fires start off small and escalate very, very quickly," says Colorado Springs Fire Chief Chris Riley.

With the high fire danger fuel is everywhere.  So what's flammable these days?

"Just about everything minus the concrete and the steel," said Chief Riley.

That's why firefighters are especially ready.

Riley said, "with the winds and the low humidities and just the dryness."

They respond quickly to any fire, but conditions like these put them on a higher state of alert.

"We have a very aggressive, (with a) safety mind set to go after that fire with all the resources that we possibly can," said Riley.

You may not be a firefighter, but you can help make sure that the flames don't get out of hand before help can arrive.

"Be vigilant for us and let us know of any kind of unusual fire activity or behavior that's going on," said Riley.

Getting to the fire early means the chance for a Black Forest or Waldo Canyon will be less.

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