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Colorado Springs murder investigation

Learning more about a suspected killer

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo - The Colorado Department of Correction is now revising its files to see if the system worked or didn't work when it comes to inmates freed under supervision.  33 year old Brandon Cockrell is accused of Colorado Springs latest murder investigation.  Officers link him to June 28th's shooting death of 19 year old Ismal Matthews.  Cockrell was not on parole like Evan Ebel, the man being linked to the death of Prisons Chief Tom Clements.  Cockrell was considered low risk and an inmate who was living on his own under supervision after serving time for a burglary conviction in Gunnison.

Brandon Cockrell worked at the Title Boxing Club off Centennial near Garden of the Gods.  He went by the name Maliq.  I talked with Ted Byer who owns Title Boxing.  Byer said this about Maliq, "My first reaction was shocked when I found out that Maliq was accused of murder.  He was a model employee, customers loved him."  Brandon a.k.a. Maliq was fired June 21st after not showing up to teach a class.  Title Boxing's Ted Byer also told me he knew about Brandon's criminal past which included a murder acquittal in Denver in 2007 after one witness recanted on the stand and two others didn't show up for court.  Byer said he believed in second chances and Maliq was a person who could have had a future in personal training.

According to the paperwork that I received from the Department of Corrections, Brandon Cockrell model employee and an inmate status started changing at the end of May.  He talked to his officer about marital problems and also didn't show up for scheduled meetings.   

No one at the Department of Corrections would go on camera to talk with me about the Cockrell investigation because it's an ongoing case.  Interim DOC Director of Parole Steve Hager did give me this quote about how the DOC is looking ahead,   "After any incident we review our operations to insure that we are providing optimum public safety and to meet the vision and mission of the Department of Corrections."

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