Lake George residents pick up the pieces after tornado

Lake George residents pick up the pieces

PARK COUNTY, Colo - People in Lake George are picking up the pieces tonight after the tornado that hit the area on Sunday .

The RV park was hit the hardest.

It is located off of Highway 24, near the Teller/Park County line and was in the direct path of the storm.

Casey Sciacca and Mary Ferraro rushed home after hearing about but didn't make it until hours later.  What they saw shocked them.

"Pulling up here you could see stop signs pulled up out of the asphalt and twisted," said Sciacca.

According to the National Weather Service the tornado in the Lake George area was on the ground for about five minutes.

It crossed over three hills and damaged a house as well as six trailers, crossing Highway 24 and uprooting dozens of trees.

It's the views that people come to the mountains for and the sight of a tornado was all that people in Teller and Park Counties.

Tom Sweet of Florissant was one of hundreds of witnesses.

"My wife noticed that the funnel cloud was starting to form, so we stopped and she started taking pictures with our camera and I got some really cool video of it," he said. 

But Lake George really felt the impact, Monday people were salvaging what they could.

"We got some clothes out, found her iPad, my passport, some checks," Sciacca said.

As people rebuild their homes, they'll look for more good news in the rubble - and thanking a higher power.

"Thank you for not letting us be in the this camper," said Ferraro.

The National Weather Service will survey the area around Lake George to determine how strong the tornado that struck the RV park was.

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