Marian House in need of turkeys

Marian House in need of turkeys

The Marian House needs donations to provide a Thanksgiving meal to those who would otherwise go without.

Mark Rohlena President & CEO of Catholic Charities in southern Colorado said the numbers are too small, "right now we are pretty bare on what our inventory is.  We need about 500 plus turkeys and we have about 20".

Those turkeys will be used at the Marian House soup kitchen, given to other food banks who need assistance, and 300 of them will go to families.

Thanksgiving boxes are put together with all the classic dishes, but those numbers are too low.  Rohlena believes they have enough for 20 of the 300 boxes.

The following items are needed for the food boxes: boxes of instant mashed potatoes, canned vegetables, canned pumpkin for pies, pie crusts, boxes of stuffing/dressing, Jello, small marshmallows, canned yams, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, gravy and fruit.

Joan Hatcher has volunteered at the Marian House for five years and asked people to put themselves in that situation.  "Think of yourself on Christmas and Thanksgiving without a meal or without having a family and dig in your pocket and put a few extra bucks in there because the need is here and we need to help."

The boxes will be put together Wednesday.  Donations may be dropped off between 8am to 2pm Monday through Saturday.  Cash donations are accepted.

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