More hotels coming to Cripple Creek

More Hotels in Cripple Creek

CRIPPLE CREEK, Colo. - If you're trying to find a last minute hotel room in Cripple Creek, you may need more than luck. The odds are stacked against visitors of the gambling town because the casino's don't have enough space.

Michele Mills says she often wins when she gambles at the Wildwood Casino. However, the first time she tried to grab a hotel room - no dice.

"Everything was booked and we had to go home," said Mills.

The city's total of 450 rooms have an occupancy rate of more than 90 percent.

"If there's a hotel open we can spend the night, that way we can drink," said Mills.

Four casino's are now planning to build hotels and add rooms. The expansion could potentially double the number of rooms available in town.

"It breaks my heart not being able to provide everything the guests would like to have," said Kevin Werner, the general manager of Wildwood Casino.

Werner says he has to turn people away on a weekly basis. The casino's 84 rooms fill up fast.

"I think they can do the expansion, but it has to be tasteful and fit in with the charm of Cripple Creek," said Mills.  

"I look at Black Hawk and Central City and it's so crowded. I just want it to stay the way it is. It just won't be the same." said Hope Alger, a frequent gambler.

Although not everyone is on board, most gamblers say it's time to up the ante in Cripple Creek.

Wildwood Casino, Bronco Billy's, Century Casino and Triple Crown all plan to add more rooms. The casino's are still in the planning stages.

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