Mothers of two women nearly kidnapped speak out

Mothers of two women nearly kidnapped speak out

PUEBLO, Colo. - Two Pueblo women were nearly abducted in Pueblo on the same street in less than two weeks.

Last week, a 14-year-old girl was walking her dog along 31 Street and Colfax Avenue when a man got out of his car and started chasing her. On Tuesday, a similar situation unfolded involving a 27-year-old woman.

Gloria Atencio said her 27-year-old daughter went for a jog around her neighborhood Tuesday night. Soon after, her daughter sent her a cryptic message that left Atencio worried.

"I got a text 'Mom, mom' and at that point I knew something was wrong," Atencio said.

Atencio called and texted her daughter but didn't get a response. She began driving around, frantically looking for her.

"As I got close to her I noticed that it was her and I yelled out her name and all she said was 'Momma,'" Atencio said. "She was a mess. She was horrified."

Minutes earlier, Atencio said two men in a white truck had pulled up beside her daughter. The driver opened his car door so the woman ran away and hid in the bushes, waiting for the men to leave.

It was in the same spot last week when a 14-year-old girl was almost abducted. The teen's mother, Corrina Oldham, said her daughter is scared to be out in public. "We went to the grocery store the other night. She was totally covered and she was still afraid. She was hiding behind me and she says 'Mom, what if they're here in the store? What if they're looking at me? What if they recognize me?'"

Atencio and Oldham are on a mission to find the men who traumatized their daughters. 

Oldham said, "We need to catch these people before it is somebody else."

The car used in Tuesday's attempted abduction is a white truck, two-door extended cab with dark tinted windows. Police believe the car used in last week's attempted abduction was a white, 1990s Toyota Corolla.

Police are searching for an Hispanic male in his mid-30s, bald with a thin mustache. The man involved in last week's attempted abduction is described as a Hispanic man in his 20s, with a fade haircut. Those who have information are urged to call Pueblo Crime Stoppers at 542-STOP.

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