New program aims to help veterans after deployment

New program aims to help veterans after deployment

 The Pikes Peak Area Council of Governments (PPACG) launched a major, new initiative called the Peak Military Care Network Tuesday.  This program is aimed at assisting veterans with a one stop shop to deal with situations after deployment.

Kate Hatten, executive director of the Peak Military Care Network tells Newschannel 13, "One of the biggest problems facing our veterans is access to information and resources.  This website gives them that tool."

Veterans who once gave up are finding the program helpful.  "When I got out of the Army, I was trying to get some of my paper-work done and I quit, I just quit trying because it was too complicated --  just too much.   It helps me as a veteran because everything is going to be in one area so i can find what i need for education, disability, what i might need for my family, job opportunities.  Instead of multiple websites, now I can go to this one website and get it done at once," said veteran Ruth Burger

The program was developed following a dozen focus groups involving veterans expressing their needs to make the transition from deployment - to home.

The Peak Military Care Network focuses on what soldiers need to help them succeed.

Pilot programs are underway to find ways to help veterans offline.

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