StormTracker 13 Wind Alert Day: Level 2

SOUTHERN COLORADO, Colo. - Winds of 50 mph or more will be possible in southern Colorado today.

Because of this, we are now under a StormTracker 13 Wind Alert Day Level 2.

StormTracker 13's three-tier wind alert day system gives you an idea of what to expect wind-wise so you can plan your day.

On level I wind alert days, winds of 30 mph should be expected. 

On days where the alert status is at level two, this indicates that winds (sustained or gusts) could reach 50 mph or more.

Level three gives a heads-up to viewers that winds (sustained or gusts) could fluctuate at or above 70 mph.

The StormTracker 13 weather team is committed to keeping you ahead of the storms. This new system was created with the goal of keeping you and your property safe from damaging winds.


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