Not illegal for teacher to kiss student, lawyer says

School district not commenting on possible ethical violations

PUEBLO, Colo. - Police say former South High School teacher Larisa Oringdulph, 31, didn't commit a crime when she kissed a 17-year-old student.

KRDO asked Matt Martin, a criminal defense attorney in Pueblo, whether any charges could be filed against Oringdulph

Martin said, "Kissing that does not involve touching of the intimate parts for 'the purposes of sexual arousal, gratification, or abuse' is not sexual contact and, hence, is not illegal, even if between a teacher and a 17-year old student."

According to police reports obtained by KRDO, Oringdulph texted several male students inappropriate pictures of herself. Martin said that act "does not qualify under the definition of sexual exploitation of a child." Martin also said sending students that photo does not constitute the crime of providing "sexually explicit  harmful materials to children."

Pueblo City School District has failed to comment on whether Oringdulph violated the school district's ethics policy.

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