Parents say men are taking pictures of kids at park

Parents at the Sunset Creek Apartments in Colorado Springs are concerned after learning two men have been taking pictures while children play in the complex's park.

"About a month ago my 10 year old comes up to me and says, ‘Daddy there are two guys in the parking lot taking pictures of us.' We as a community went over to check it out. The minute we got there, they took off," said James Watson.

Watson told KRDO NewsChannel 13 that he has seen the men there several times, and that he has called police, but that nothing has been done.

Watson describes the men as young and white. He said they are in a white sedan, and are using what appears to be a telephoto lens.

Colorado Springs police said it is not illegal for people to take pictures in public. Watson doesn't know if anything criminal is going on, but wants answers.

"When you see someone taking a picture of your child, and then you go to confront them, and they drive away, it leaves the suspicion of no good," said Watson.

Colorado Springs Police have released a statement:

"CSPD greatly appreciates Mr. Watson's conscientiousness.  He has gone out of his way to do the right thing.  [CSPD] is forwarding a notice to our Patrol to be aware of this vehicle in order that they may identify both occupants and determine exactly what they were doing."

An officer with UCCS has made contact with one of the individuals in the vehicle and has issued a verbal warning, according to CSPD.

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