Pikes Peak Ascent runners worry about packed race

Pikes Peak Ascent Runners are Concerned

MANITOU SPRINGS, Colo. - It's sure to be a busy weekend as people scramble to get in their last minute hikes.

This last open weekend also falls on the same days as the Pikes Peak Ascent and marathon. Runners training for the big race tell us they're worried.

Rising over 7,800 feet in elevation, the race is known as, "America's ultimate challenge."

We spoke to a mother and daughter training for the race. They tell us, it's not their first Ascent, but they're even more nervous for this weekend's race.

"Just doing training, our whole family has had collisions with people coming down as we're going up," said Laurie Slack.

About 2,400 people on average hike it on a regular weekend. Most of those hikers go down on Barr Trail. That's the same trail Pikes Peak runners will use this weekend.

"The trail is so narrow and skinny. You have runners coming up who can't pass. Then you have other people coming down, Incliners. People run into me, I've fallen. Sometimes it's shoulder to shoulder sometimes literally two bodies will go down," said Cori Worten.

Barr Trail is going to be packed, with 1,900 runners signed up for the Ascent on Saturday and 850 for the marathon on Sunday- not to mention all those last minute Incline hikers.

Many runners say the solution is, "For parks and recreation to close the incline on Friday, on the 15th before race weekend. That would be the easiest solution," said Slack.

A spokesperson with the city of Colorado Springs said the city made a commitment to the community and key stakeholders that the incline would close on August 18th. They have also encouraged hikers to use it before this weekend.

There will also be a press conference Tuesday at 11 a.m. at the base of the Incline to address these concerns.

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