Police began investigating former Pueblo teacher a year before she resigned

Investigation into former Pueblo teacher started in 2012

PUEBLO, Colo. - Police reports indicate accusations against a former Pueblo teacher were first investigated by officers in September 2012.

According to reports obtained by KRDO, a parent complained to South High School Principal Aaron Bravo about Larisa Oringdulph in September 2012. The parent told Bravo she heard Oringdulph was having inappropriate relationships with students. Bravo told the parent "he had already taken care of the problem." The parent wasn't satisfied with Bravo's response so she reported the incident to police.

Police interviewed several students in October 2012 who admitted they had been to Oringdulph's home. Oringdulph told police she had invited many students over to her house. She said her husband and her children were always there and nothing inappropriate happened.

Police asked Oringdulph about a text message she was accused of sending a student, asking if he was going to buy porn when he turned 18. Oringdulph admitted she sent him the text. She told police "she did not mean anything by it, it was just a big day."

Oringdulph told police the accusations were rumors that she believed started because of conflicts between the dance team and the cheerleaders. At the time of the investigation, Oringdulph coached the dancers, the Pepperettes, and assisted with coaching the cheerleaders.

A year after police finished their 2012 investigation, more accusations were made and police began another investigation in October 2013. During the 2013 investigation, Oringdulph admitted to kissing and sexting with a male student.

School policy prohibits teachers from texting students unless approved by an administrator. Pueblo City Schools administrators won't comment on their policy.

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