Police: rumored threat to Mitchell High School not true

Source of rumor on Facebook posts, police say

Another School Threat Rumor in Colorado Springs

School District 11 in Colorado Springs sent a letter home to parents Monday explaining that rumors of a threat to Mitchell High School were unfounded.

D-11 spokeswoman Devra Ashby said during the weekend, two people -- one of them a D-11 student -- posted on a media Facebook page that they had heard about a rumored threat at the school Monday, and were asking questions about it.

Ashby said an investigation by Colorado Springs police determined that there was no actual threat.  However, D-11 took the situation seriously enough to heighten security and send the letter home with students.  Rusty Moomey, the school's principal, signed the letter.

Ashby said the situation disrupted the school day, with many students absent because parents kept them home from school out of concern.  She said school administrators will decide whether to excuse those absences.

It's the second time in less than a week that police have investigated an alleged school threat.  Last Wednesday, police received a third-party report that a man was planning a shooting at an unspecified city school.  No threat surfaced and the case remains unresolved.

Ashby said with school shootings being such a sensitive topic, anyone with questions about a threat to school safety should contact local law enforcement agencies instead of posting about the subject on social media sites. 

Police have not said whether they need to take further action on the two people who posted about the rumor on Facebook.

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