Possible policy change at Colorado Springs Airport

Possible Policy Change at Colorado Springs Airport

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A national airline is cashing in on Colorado's new marijuana law.

Spirit Airlines is offering a discount promising "Fares so low they're barely legal in some states."

Now that marijuana is legal in Colorado you can board your flight at the Colorado Springs Airport with an ounce of weed.

Last week the Colorado Springs Airport told us that weed can fly.

"If our law enforcement says it's within the legal limit, they're going to take no action. in that case TSA is not, on their own, going to require to have anyone throw the marijuana in the trash," said John MicGinley, the assistant aviation director at Colorado Springs airport.

But a day later, a statement from the city saying, "To discourage interstate drug trafficking, the Colorado Springs Mayor and the Police Chief are evaluating their options for disallowing the possession of marijuana at the Springs airport and other city facilities."

MicGinley says, "If they get on an aircraft and fly to a destination where it's illegal, that's going to be a problem for them."

We checked with the Colorado Springs airport and found at least nine direct flights that cross state lines to places like, Texas, California and Georgia. All states where pot is still illegal.

MicGinley adds, "What role do we have in that issue? Should we put a ban in place to protect those issues from happening. Laws have changed. whether it's going to cause confusion has yet to be seen."

But things may get a little more confusing for people with advertisements from a national airline.  

Spirit Airlines is wasting no time jumping on Colorado's marijuana marketing potential.

Offering discounts saying, "The 'No Smoking' sign is off in Colorado.'"

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