Professor's email account reactivated after violating university's policy

Professor's e-mail account reactivated

PUEBLO, Colo. - A Colorado State University-Pueblo professor who likened university layoffs to the Ludlow Massacre had his email account reactivated Monday after it was shut down Friday.

Tim McGettigan, a sociology professor, sent students, faculty and staff an email on Friday that said CSU Chancellor Michael Martin "assembled a hit list" and went on to say that Martin was going to "terminate the 50 people who are on his list."

McGettigan was referring to 50 proposed layoffs university officials had been considering. During a meeting Friday the university announced it was going to cut 22 positions in an effort to save money. In addition, 19 vacant positions were not going to be filled.

When McGettigan returned from the meeting, he found a letter on his desk stating that his email had been deactivated.

"I was puzzled that the university administrators would go about deactivating my account in the way that they did," he said.

The letter from Johnna Doyle, deputy general counsel, said McGettigan's "Children of Ludlow" email violated the university's electronic communications policy that prohibits "use of electronic communications to intimidate, threaten, harass other individuals or to interfere with the activity of others to conduct university business."

McGettigan said he didn't violate the university's policy. "I don't threaten. I don't harass people. I'm more of a peaceful protest kind of person," he said. 

Even though McGettigan received tenure in 2002, he said he wants to be a vocal ally to other professors at the university. 

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