Progress made on paving projects

Colorado Springs, El Paso County finishing road work season

Paving Projects Progress

EL PASO COUNTY, Colo. - Area drivers who complain about bad road and highway pavements are getting some relief as major paving projects are close to being completed.

The Colorado Department of Transportation has nearly completed paving stretches of Interstate 25 between Colorado Springs and Pueblo; Powers Boulevard between Proby Parkway and Woodmen Road; and Highway 94 between U.S. 24 and Ellicott.

Mark Andrew, a CDOT engineer, said on Wednesday that the projects should be finished before the construction season ends in a few weeks.  He said most of the paving is done at night when traffic is light.

Andrew said the three projects are in high-traffic areas that have not been paved for at least 10 years.

"We're deficient in terms of our paving, in keeping up with the need, said Andrew.  "Our pavement surfaces are simply deteriorating faster than we can place the asphalt."

Andrew said the area usually receives between $20 million and $30 million in paving funds, but this year received $40 million.  Of that amount, $25 million finances the three projects. 

The area hopes to get $40 million again next year and Andrew said that amount already has been planned for.  He said the next priorities are I-25 from Midway to the Nixon power plant, and U.S. 50 between Pueblo and the Royal Gorge.

Along with making driving safer and smoother, Andrew said the paving will provide better traction on ice and snow, and make plowing easier in winter.

The city of Colorado Springs is finishing paving projects as well.  A major project is the intersection of 8th Street and Arcturus Drive/Ramona Avenue, a key entrance and exit point for the Skyway community. 

Paving there has slowed traffic.  A church, convenience store, post office and restaurants are in the immediate area.

City officials were unavailable Wednesday to provide details on paving costs and other projects.

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