Recall election in Pueblo estimated to be $65,000

Ami Nawrocki and Sandy Daff are targets of a recall effort

Recall election in Pueblo estimated to be $65,000

PUEBLO, Colo. - Removing two Pueblo City Council members from office will cost taxpayers about $65,000 if a recall election occurs, according to the city clerk.

On Monday, Frank Cortese, co-owner of C & C Disposal, told council he was initiating a recall against council president Sandy Daff and council members Ami Nawrocki and Chris Kaufman, who resigned the next day.

Pueblo city clerk Gina Dutcher said expenses for a recall election average about $2.25 a voter. There are 14,196 voters in District 1, Nawrocki's district, and 13,552 in District 4, represented by Daff.

As for selecting Kaufman's replacement, Dutcher said council has 60 days from the the time Kaufman resigned. There are now six people on city council.

"With only six council members, you could end up with a tie on a vote and if there is a tie 3-3, it will fail. So you pretty much need that seventh person so if it's controversial it won't end up in a tie," Dutcher said.

Frank and Becky Cortese have not yet started circulating recall petitions. Dutcher asked them to make minor changes before they can be approved for circulation.

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