Reports: Prison gang orders hit on El Paso County Judge

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - The Denver Post and KDVR-TV report that a prison gang linked to the man believed to have killed former DOC director Tom Clements has ordered a hit on a judge involved in the case.

The story was first reported by The Denver Post on Sunday night. Citing an unidentified source, KDVR-TV investigative reporter Tak Landrock says he has confirmed the report.

According to the KDVR report, the 211 Crew prison gang ordered a hit on Judge Jonathan Walker after he signed warrants related to the Clements murder investigation.

The source told KDVR that Judge Walker has been placed under police protection and that investigators are taking the threat very seriously.

The 211 crew is a white supremacist prison gang. Ebel was a member of the gang and investigators have been looking into the possibility that the gang was somehow linked to Clements' killing.

Tom Clements was shot and killed at his home in northern El Paso County in March, 2012. Investigators believe Evan Ebel pulled the trigger. Ebel later died in a shootout with deputies in Texas.

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