Sand Creek students return from MIT

Making water clean with clay

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo - According to the World Health Organization, more than three million people die from waterborne diseases each year.

A group of Colorado Springs students is looking to change that.

Students from Sand Creek High School have returned from a trip to MIT, where they presented their idea for a filter that will remove impurities from water.

The design changed during the year.  The students started with a sand based filter but then changed to a crushed clay when they discovered that their filter would be installed in Haiti, a place where clay is plentiful.

Their teacher says that the trial and error that the students practiced is part of the scientific method and will help them in the future.

Evan Dutch, a recent graduate of Sand Creek who worked on the filter said, "I'm really excited about the filter's future because clay is such a readily available resource and it worked so well."

Teacher Todd Matia said, "hopefully what this process built in them more than anything was the ability to be resilient when a challenge comes their way."

The filter will be installed in the next few months.

Matia won an award from the Discover-E Foundation for Engineering Education for his work in mentoring the students.

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