Search for answers to discover who emailed a bomb threat

Teller County Courthouse bomb threat update

Source of courthouse bomb threat remains a mystery

TELLER COUNTY, Colo - Federal authorities are now on the hunt for the person who emailed a bomb threat to the main server exchange of the Teller County Courthouse on Monday.  It cleared the courthouse after the message talked about explosives in the building.  A two block radius was also cleared during the search which resulted in no explosives and no one hurt.

KRDO's tech expert Mike Ramsey tells me it's tedious work to trace down an email's origin, "They can originate it one place and then it will go through an anonymous email server.  The tracking becomes more difficult, the more relays you run it through."

The experts say you should think of relays also known as mail servers as points on a road map.   Every time an email goes through a relay, it stamps its I-P or internet protocol address. Those addresses are peeled back to find out how the server where the email, originated.

I asked Ramsey if there is a possibility that someone could actually get away with the email bomb threat.  Mike told me that these day everything is possible but the chances of getting away with is are pretty low.

The Teller County Sheriff's Office won't tell me what exactly the email said.  It's because that's part of the investigation. 

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