Southern Colorado drivers in no rush with tough driving conditions

Slick roads and snow covered hills made is challenging for drivers

Southern Colorado Drivers take is easy on icy roads

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Southern Colorado drivers were cautious Wednesday (12/5/13) with slick road conditions, which made it a slower commute.

The icy streets tested the patience of drivers but people chose safety over speed.

The road conditions were so challenging the only things drivers could see at some points were snow and brake lights.

The Colorado Springs Streets Division laid out sand on the roads, but Mother Nature decided to put snow on top of that.

Even though there were accidents, this didn't prevent drivers from getting to their destinations, and time wasn't a factor.

"It was a little slower on the down hills and to make sure I didn't get out of control, but you could definitely throw the car around corners," Colorado Springs driver Joe Craig said.

The snow also affected people who couldn't drive.

"It was hard to tell whether the buses were coming or not because everything was so delayed and off schedule," bus rider Jason Dickerson said.

But a snowy day is welcome for people who drive snow plows because they saw the streets covered in white gold.

"I have my helpers and we are probably going to be out all night," snow plow operator Tom Deese said.

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