Stormwater Task Force; a step closer to ballot question

Regional Storm Water Task Force

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Members of a regional task force say it's time to get to work on storm water projects that need desperate attention. 

"This is sort of a ticking time bomb that will go off at any moment, and we don't control Mother Nature," said El Paso County Commissioner Sallie Clark.

No one can control Mother Nature, but a new regional board hopes to help maintain it, if voters approve of the board's creation this November.

"If we don't address it, it will just continue to get worse and we'll continue to have more problems," said Keith King, president of Colorado Springs City Council.

The goal is to tackle storm water projects across the Pikes Peak Region, ones that have needed attention for years. It's a backlog that's added up to $800 million.

"It's a little frustrating when the mayor is not at the table. This has been something we've been discussing for a couple of years," said Clark.

Colorado Springs Mayor Steve Bach wasn't at this week's storm water meeting.

"It needs to be a regional solution. It's very disappointing he has chosen not to be and work with us on this issue," said King.

King said the mayor wants to appoint non-elected officials to the board, not City Council members.

"This is an opportunity for us to collaborate on a regional perspective. We'd hope the mayor would come along with us and be part of that. Not only the discussion, but the solution," said Clark.

We called Bach's office for comment about this week's meeting. No one has gotten back to us yet.

If the board is approved, the average cost for a single family would cost $7.70 per month. That fee wouldn't change for the first five years.

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