Teacher violated school district's sexual harassment policy

Teacher violated school district's sexual harassment policy

PUEBLO, Colo. - A former Pueblo teacher violated the school district's sexual harassment policy last year, according to a review of police reports.

Larisa Oringdulph, 31, taught at South High School until she resigned on Nov. 7 after admitting to police she kissed and sexted with a student.

According to police reports from 2012, Oringdulph said she "did not mean anything by it" when she texted a student, asking if he was going to buy porn when he turned 18.

KRDO read the district's policy on sexual harassment. The policy defines sexual harassment, in part, as "sex oriented verbal 'kidding.'"

In 2013, Oringdulph admitted to police she texted with a student "about what they liked to do during sex."

Several parents and students told KRDO that they complained to South High School Principal Aaron Bravo about Oringdulph having inappropriate relations with students. They said Bravo told students they would be suspended from their sports teams if they continued to make those accusations.

School policy, however, prevents anyone from being retaliated against "who reports sexual harassment or participates in a harassment investigation."

Oringdulph denies having sexual relations with any student.

Bravo has referred all questions to the school district. The district's spokesperson has responded "no comment" to most of the questions posed by KRDO.

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