Tornadoes strike Southern Colorado

Teller County, COLO - Funnel clouds and tornadoes are extremely rare in the high elevation areas west of Colorado Springs, with Teller County seeing only three tornadoes total since 1996.  But for the second time in less than a month funnel clouds were spotted in the skies over the area. 

Two weeks ago, a funnel cloud was spotted in Florissant.  Today two tornados touched down in Park County, with one of the twisters carving a path that took it over Lake George, where callers to KRDO News Radio reported that it was sucking up the water out of the lake.

The second tornado did some damage along the bank of Lake George.  After crossing the lake the tornado continued to the northeast, causing the National Weather Service to issue a Tornado Warning for Teller County.  It was on the ground for several minutes.

The first tornado damaged a roof and was on the ground for about 5 minutes around 11 am.  The second one touched down around 12:30 pm.

In all, there were seven reports of tornadoes in Colorado today.  A tornado also touched down in Palmer Lake and another tornado injured a person in Aurora.

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