Trailer dumped in front of family's home

Trailer dumped in front of family's home

YODER, Colo. - An extreme case of illegal dumping has one El Paso County man scratching his head.

A trailer home was abandoned in the middle of a road in Yoder over the weekend.

Jeremy Wheatley and his family live about an hour southeast of Colorado Springs, near the intersection of Lauppe Road and Myers Road.

Wheatley says they've had people dump chairs, couches and other trash along their road, but he's never seen anything like this.

"This is like someone parking their home in front of your yard," Wheatley said.

The family looked for an identification number or anything else in the trailer that could help them track down its owner.

"There's a guy about five houses up that advertises on Craigslist to bring the junk to his house, so we were wondering if this was gonna wind up at his house and it got stuck in front of our house, or someone just wanted to dump it here", Wheatley said.

Wheatley isn't sure who is responsible for getting rid of the mobile home if its owner isn't found. He's hoping it's something his homeowners association will take care of.

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