Trinidad residents await decision on marijuana sales

Trinidad residents await decision on marijuana sales

TRINIDAD, Colo. - Many people in Trinidad are pushing City Council to legalize recreational and medical marijuana, arguing it's the economic boost the struggling city needs.

Ruben Romero has lived in Trinidad all his life. But there's one thing he wants to buy in his hometown but can't: medical marijuana.

"We're the last town in Colorado leaving and we're the first town coming in from New Mexico. I mean if there was any prime location to have it, it would be here," Romero said.

According to the Colorado Education Association, over the last two years more than 200 students have left the Trinidad School District and almost all of the coaches have been fired. Some parents say revenue from marijuana sales is just what the district needs.

"Tax it. Get a lot of teachers back. Get a lot of coaches back," said parent Francisco Quesada.

But Trinidad's mayor has made it clear where she stands on marijuana.

"I still say not only no, but hell no," Baca-Gonzalez said.

"Once it was passed, the time for debate is over. It's done and now your job is to support what the people want," Romero said.

Last year, 52 percent of voters in Las Animas County passed Amendment 64. Many say legalizing marijuana would do away with many of the vacant store fronts that line downtown Trinidad.

"It's like riding down in a ghost town," Quesada said.

For now, Romero plans to continue driving up to Colorado Springs to get his marijuana.

Romero said, "There has to be at least one experimental town and why not Trinidad."

City Council will be voting on what agency should be responsible for regulating marijuana on Sept. 3.

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