Tumbleweeds are rolling along

Tumbleweeds are rolling along

PUEBLO, Colo - The winds come and go during our Colorado winters, but the one thing that doesn't change are the tumbleweeds.

They're impacting rural areas of southern Colorado, piling up on the sides of buildings and the sides of hills.

Fences are also popluar places for the weeds to pile up.

The high winds cleared them away from Dwayne Simmons' property in Fountain, but he says they're back now and heavier than ever.

He says that at his 38-acre ranch: "This is the worst I've seen."

"I'm not sure what to do with them.  Possibly they could be burnt or baled but I'm not sure," he said.

Simmons says his property is invaded by tumbleweeds on three different sides.

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