Tumbleweeds march on

Tumbleweeds march on

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo - It's been an all too common sight around southern Colorado for the past few days: trees moving in the wind.

With the wind, those pesky tumbleweeds are back, too.

Max Kirschbaum from El Paso County Public Works said, "they're pretty stubborn".

The truth is, they're as much a part of rural life in our area as any other plant, especially this year.  Getting rid of them is a priority for public works departments.

January is known for its gusty winds but every time the wind blows: "the problem is just redistributed.  So you're almost starting over," said Kirschbaum.

Some of the tumbleweeds just go back to the places where they gathered in the fall.  Getting rid of them -until next fall at least - is proving to be difficult.

"We've used our snow equipment, we've used our construction equipment, we've used mowing equipment, nothing has worked very well," said Kirschbaum.

The way that Public Works treats tumbleweeds is the same way that they treat snow.

Kirschbaum said, "we're just trying to make sure that the roadway stays clear."

But if you ask them which is worse, there is no hesitation in their answer.

"Tumbleweeds.  Snow will eventually melt."

Residents in rural southern Colorado might be saying the same thing as long as the winds continue to howl.

It's not just a problem in El Paso County.  They've been working with Pueblo County and other counties in the area to find a solution.

Pueblo County has done some burning, but Kirschbaum says that El Paso County has no plans to do that.

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