Tumbleweeds roll on

Tumbleweeds roll on

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - It was another windy day around Southern Colorado and that means tumbleweeds are on the march again.

They've been around for months now, but the tumbleweeds only continue to get thicker as the wind shifts and pushes weeds that were in fields onto the road.

Colorado has two types of weeds that dry out, break off and blow away during the fall to become the dreaded tumbleweeds.

Both are hard to remove and can hurt local crops and livestock.  While in the ground one of the two types - Russian Thistle - can remove more than 40 gallons of water from the local ecosystem. 

The tumbleweeds will eventually disappear in the spring, when new weeds will pop up to take the place of the ones that blew away the previous fall.

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