UPDATE: Man removes handcuffs, steals Springs police car

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A Colorado Springs police car crashed into a yard on South Corona Tuesday.

Police said Dustin Guinn, 21, was in custody in the back of the police car for felony and misdemeanor warrants. He was handcuffed and had a seat belt on.

While the arresting officer investigated a vehicle break-in, police said Guinn took off his handcuffs and seat belt and crawled through a window separating the driver's seat from the passenger's seat. He got behind the wheel and took off.

Police said Guinn lost control of the vehicle and crashed into a family's front yard. He now faces additional motor vehicle theft charges.

Homeowner Mark Howland spent Wednesday taking photos for his insurance company. He is trying to figure out if the city will pay the bill for a new fence.

"You do stuff to improve your property and that and then this stuff happens just because some idiot doesn't want to go to jail for something he did wrong," said Howland.

Colorado Springs Police Department spokesperson Lt. Catherine Buckley said the car did not have a dash camera. Investigators will be asking Guinn how was able to escape from his handcuffs and through the locked window that separates the back seat from the drivers seat.

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