Wait... is that what I think it is?

What IS that?!

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Good thing Sally's car has a lot of headroom. 

No matter the sprinkles that get in, Sprinkles has a job to do. 


Not if you see Sally Ann McNab driving in her red convertible with a… wait… is that a GIRAFFE? 


His four hoofs buckled down in the back, Sprinkles, the stuffed animal has the best seat in the house – its head towering high above the car's windshield.           

One sweep downtown, and he (yes, "he") gets plenty of reactions: laughs, stares, photos, "Hey, is that from ‘The Hangover?!'"  

In case you're wondering, Sally and Sprinkles have been together much longer than THAT movie. 

In fact, there's a deeper meaning to this. 

"My husband and I want to give people an unexpected reason to smile," says McNab. "It's pretty hard to be in a bad mood, when I'm driving around with a giraffe in the car." 

Sprinkles is a near-constant fixture in the convertible.  He goes with her most of the time, for one reason: to make people happy. 

It's not just for the benefit of others; McNab says, doing the un-conventional helps her, too. 

"I actually battle depression. I learned, the most important thing you put on in the morning is your smile and your attitude." 

A simple reminder that, even when it does sprinkle, there's always reason to smile.


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