WeatherCall Helps Keep You Ahead of the Storm

WeatherCall helps to keep you ahead of the storm

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo - Severe weather in Southern Colorado.  It can strike quickly and when it hits, it hits hard.

When the storms do rumble, the sound that you want to hear is a call from WeatherCall.

WeatherCall is a severe weather notification system.  It comes in two forms, one for home and one for people on the go.

"We push out that warning for up to three phone numbers registered in that database," said Valerie Ritterbusch from WeatherCall.

For people who are on the move, there's WeatherCall On The Go.

"It follows you as opposed to the fixed location," said Ritterbusch.

That means that if you're driving around and a warning is issued for your area, WeatherCall will let you know.

"We want to catch you before you drive into the warned area," said Ritterbusch.

In Southern Colorado, even non-severe storms can be dangerous so WeatherCall now includes a lightning alert.

Ritterbusch said, "the Front Range of Colorado is second in the nation for cloud-to-ground lightning strikes."

It's a way to keep you safe when the storms rumble this summer, as they surely will again.

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